Here goes nothing…

Hey followers, well if I still even have any after this L O N G break I took. Life has been nothing short of chaotic and every new year the good comes with the bad… and so far I’ve had equal amounts of both.

NEWS FLASH… wedding = on h o l d, annual family vacation is IN THE BOOKS and all of my children have reached 1 year older including the baby who just made her FIRST rotation around the sun!! SO please forgive me for being a little unavailable. BUT I’m back and ready to keep ya’ll update on all the things my life brings whether it be good or bad.

One piece of advice before I go…. Expect less; live more. As I’ve grown I’ve realized if you expect less from people and situations the less likely you are to be disappointed.


Help me, find Kee.

I feel like I’ve lost myself in this this thing called motherhood. I’ve forgotten who I am and what my purpose is. I feel like I need a retreat or some refresh button to find myself again. Who is Keisha supposed to be, what am I supposed to be doing, and am I serving my purpose or just treading water trying to keep afloat? I feel like the latter. I want to swim the English Channel [metaphorically] but instead I’m hopping from one Lilly pad to another just trying to get across the pond. I need some new sense of direction. Being a mom is ENOUGH but I want more. I want to give my kids a reason to look up to me and think she’s our MOM and so much more. I want to accomplish new goals for myself and my Littles. But where do I find that sense of direction? Who is to guide me? I have come to the realization that God may be that higher power I need to speak to my soul and lead me where I need to go… I have been distant from religious beliefs because I was always forced to believe instead of allowing me to find the word and believe for myself. Ladies point me in the right direction to reinvent my belief…

Must-have: Little Essentials

OK guys, these are a few of my faves to make this mommas life a little bit easier with FOUR Littles

For the baby:

Trending Lifecolor diaper bag I bought grey [neutral] because I use mine for a toddler boy and a baby girl and let me tell you this bag is the ISH. I see why the rave! The wide mouth keeps me from rummaging through disorganizing as I try to find binkies, extra clothes or whatever. The zipper in the back comes in clutch when we are at a family outing and I don’t want to throw the bag in the middle of the dinner table to retrieve changing essentials. Carries like a book bag for on the go purposes, All around best find.. even if it took me 4 kids to find something I like this much!

COPPER PEARL [LOVE] them. This Copper Pearl car seat cover is 1. Adorbs 2. Multifunctional 3. Lightweight! Cannot express my love for this cover! I’ve tried other car seat covers and this one takes the cake. R U N don’t walk and get you one! Did I mention all all the print options for boys and girls.

For the toddler:

Finding the right cup can be such a headache like is this gonna leak? Is he gonna chew through it? If he throws it at the windshield while going down the road will my windshield be plastered with milk? The list goes on… Found this amazing Munchkin Stainless Steel 360 cup at Walmart during a routine grocery run and have used no other cup since. Keeps milk cold, no spill lip, and it looks and feels like a big boy cup [no buck teeth= less future dental expenses] . Win W I N WIN for me!

I know I know, I was against putting my kid on a leash for years. Hear me out.. I have 4 kids and let’s just say they’re hard to keep track of them all especially when the 2 year old wants to walk like his older brother and sister.. This cute Carter’s Dino Backpack gives him his independence and mommy can still avoid him from running down the aisles like a wild animal. The cute Dino on the back makes him feel super cool so that’s a plus!!

Let me know what you mommas have to keep you sane!

Word of the Year: 2018

I’ve been avoiding posting recently because honestly I feel like my content doesn’t matter and that whatever I have to say won’t make a difference to anyone. I have been unmotivated and uninspired and that has affected my blog negatively. Post holidays after the buzz is gone and the twinkly lights have been removed puts me in a slump. It was supposed to be my year to shine.. “new year, new me!” Right? WRONG! I always set unobtainable goals for myself January 1 of each year then get down on myself when January 2 isn’t everything I’ve expected it to be. .

So my word for 2018 is patience.

Patience to allow myself to grow. Patience with my children, because just like you and I they are human too. Patience for success. Patience for financial freedom. Patience that I don’t have what they have but that what I have right now is sufficient and more “things” will come later. And last but absolutely not least… Patience for the day I get to marry my best friend.

Please feel free to share your word of the year for 2018.

Sick day

Okay lets be honest we all know mommas don’t get sick days….

Fiancé is in IOWA all week for work. BOOM strep slaps me in the face!! So here I am 4 kids deep, fiery hellacious throat, and nobody to cuddle me and take the kids off my hands. What is a mom to do? Suck it up and HANDLE IT girlfriend! Seriously, this isn’t the man flu you cannot tag someone else in and sleep for a week straight. You still have preschool pre-screenings, doctors appointments, and last minute Christmas shopping to do all while feeling like you’ve been hit by an 18 wheeler.

The remedy for sore throats:

  • Hot tea
  • Popsicles
  • Gangsta rap
  • Messy bun
  • Fiancé’s sweatpants
  • Happy hour slushees from Sonic
  • Best friends
  • Antibiotics
  • (Mostly) Hot (interrupted) showers

Books worth reading

  1. Unseen- Sarah Haggerty
  2. Unshakeable- Christine Caine
  3. Chasing Slow- Erin Loechner
  4. Get Over Your Damn Self- Romi Neustadt
  5. Simplicity Parenting- Kim John Payne
  6. Positive Parenting- Dr. Laura Markham
  7. Minimalism for Families- Zoe Kim
  8. Let Them Eat Dirt- Brett Finlay
  9. Grace Not Perfection- Emily Ley
  10. Present Over Perfect- Shauna Niequist
  11. Healthy Brain, Happy Life- Wendy Suzuki
  12. A Simplified Life- Emily Ley
  13. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck- Mark Manson
  14. This Thing Called Home- Brooke Sailor

“Mom” face

Unfortunately this is not a quick/easy makeup tutorial for busy mommas. BUT coming soon! I promise.

This my friends is about waking up everyday and putting on my mom face.. which means I wake up with the responsibility of raising F O U R awesome, well-rounded, future civilized decision makers. I have all of theses duties on my shoulders and they’re non stop. Mom face is not like a mask you can take on and off. You don’t get a day off from being a mom. IMPOSSIBLE. I mean don’t he me wrong I absolutely love being a mom but some days are harder than others and I really just wish I could take off my mom face, hang up white hat, and pull down my big girl parties and just be M E.

Sometimes I feel like being a mom is my only identity. And for some that’s okay but recently I feel like I’ve lost myself in being a mom. I love my four children so much that sometimes I bring this mom guilt and chaos on myself. But dammit I can’t help it. I was born to do this and sometimes I just can’t take a step back. But I need to and sometimes I h a v e to in order to keep my sanity.

I have to step back and remember who I was and still am. That it’s okay not to mom all the time and it’s okay to take a break and to just bask in doing things that I like that don’t necessarily involve my kids. Because without my own identity my kids won’t develop one for themselves either. And “if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy” and that’s the absolute truth. If I can’t enjoy things for myself and step out of my comfort zone then I’m just not living and that’s not okay. In order to have a happy life you must live the best life you can for yourself and your Littles.

So mommas I’m here to tell you it’s okay to go get your nails/hair done, grab coffee with a friends, and dance all night to your favorite song with your hubby. And not feel a single bit guilty about it. You can’t teach others to grow if you’re not watering your soul first.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”